Be part of our book — Act3: How To Live A Better Life After 50

We're writing a book to help you live a much better Act3, and we could use your help.

We've made a film

Starring Judy, a tortoise and Adrian explaining in 90 seconds what the book is about.

We're very lucky to be working with genius crowd funding publisher Unbound who pre-sell the first 500 copies.  Job done.

You can be part of the book

By pre-ordering a copy you can help massively, and we'll print your name in the book to say thank you.

Pledges start at £10 for the eBook, and £20 and upwards for the first edition.

Other goodies

As you'll see, we're offering individual one-to-one coaching; OR a breakfast with us in a small group at our house to discuss Act3; OR we can speak at your group; OR we can work with you to design a corporate event to tackle the issues that Act3 presents for staff or clients.

You can pre-order the book

Just click here.

The book is designed as a manual for you to be able to work through all the areas of your life, such as home, work, money, the world, relationships, health and soul - and get a much more rewarding outcome in each and every area.

We provide the tools

We call them our 7 Pillars of Act3 - you'll need them to get the positive change you are looking for.

We very much appreciate your support.