Act 3 – A Good Place To Start

A note this week from Gina, a participant in our Act 3 Workshop at The Guardian in early 2018.

In February 2018, I decided that plans for the next chapter in my life needed some serious consideration. I stumbled upon an advertisement for an ‘Act3’ workshop and it seemed a good place to start.

All I knew were that the challenges I faced we’re probably familiar to many others in my age group. Aging parents, aging partner; and although my career had sustained me both creatively and financially for the better part of 30 years it still felt as though there were many new paths to travel (and I was really looking for a change).

To be honest it all felt daunting and I’d reached a crossroad. I’d put a lot on hold. So the workshop definitely kick started a process. It gave me an opportunity to look at the issues in an informal way, this was both good and challenging. Once I’d identified and acknowledged some of the fears (and ways in which I limited myself...); it became easier to recognise old patterns and to see what was holding me back.

In making some lists and mind-mapping, I was able to identify what really excited me and what I could plan for. Once I had a plan to try and do an MA, the next steps were more straightforward. Practical applications, looking at finances and visiting colleges.

There were doubts along the way... but somehow these diminished as I became more able to access my own convictions. I’m now on a full-time course in London. It’s fantastic to be a student again, and although there’s still a lot of juggling (and doubting!) The journey so far has been exhilarating.

Thanks to Act 3 …

– Georgina Hall