Plan your post-50 life in 2019

Life doesn’t stop at 50: How to enjoy a fulfilling Third Act

Make a plan for the next stage of your life in this masterclass with professional coaches Judy and Adrian Reith

Date: Sunday 27 January 2019
Times: Afternoon course, 2pm-5pm

Research shows we are living longer, in better health, with higher expectations. So what’s your plan for this extra time?

Judy and Adrian Reith, life coaches and third acters, will provide you with a structured framework to visualise, consider and plan your Act Three years in a positive way, whatever your circumstances.

They will take you through what matters as you get older – the aim is to die without regrets – focussing on your values and purpose in relation to home, health, play, money, relationships, spirituality, meaning, work and world issues.

You will acquire tools and tips for appraising areas of your life, to gain clarity on what you want for your future and how to get there – with time for exercises, group discussion and reflection, as well as what you need to continue your plan into your Third Act.

Please note this is not a class about financial planning, retirement properties or health issues, although these aspects will be acknowledged. You’re encouraged to bring a partner or a friend – this can enhance reflection and effectiveness, and a shared journey.


  • What you want from act three and how to get there

  • The four crucial roots to support you

  • Tools to use for positive change

  • Individual and group work

Tutor profiles

Judy and Adrian Reith are professional coaches and writers, covering life, parenting and executive coaching. Founders of, they facilitate events and coach individuals to prepare for a life well lived.

Judy is a seasoned parenting expert, writer, broadcaster and life coach. Her publications include 7 Secrets of Raising Girls Every Parent Must KnowBe a Great Mumand Transform Living with Teenagers. She draws on her training in child development, counselling and parent education to help thousands of parents. 

Adrian became an executive coach after an award-winning career in advertising and radio. Since 2006 he has specialised in executive, life and leadership coaching and facilitation. He is also a published author and recently built an eco house – which is now an empty nest.

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