Your best years yet: Plan your post-50 life in a weekend in 2018

We'd love you to join us for a Guardian Masterclass Weekend, on February 24th & 25th 2018. 

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What if you could make the mid-life and beyond stage of your life the best you’ve ever had? This weekend course enables you to look and plan ahead, focusing on the importance of paying attention – theoretically, practically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – to the issues that face us in this unique chapter of our lives.

A follow-up to professional coaches Judy and Adrian Reith’s three-hour evening course, this two-day masterclass will examine in greater depth the ingredients for a fulfilling next chapter, particularly paying attention to home, health, creativity and hobbies, money, relationships, spirituality and meaning, work and the world.

Judy and Adrian have created a structured, supportive framework to help you visualise, consider and plan your life from mid-life and beyond, whatever your circumstances. You will appraise all areas of your life positively, practically and realistically, and emerge with the tools you need to gain clarity about your goals – and a burgeoning action plan of how to get there.

Please note this class is for anyone who wants a fulfilling life in the years ahead of 50. However, the age group is a guideline rather than an absolute. You’re encouraged to bring a partner or a friend – this can enhance reflection and effectiveness, and a shared journey. This is not a class about financial planning or health issues, although these aspects will be acknowledged.


  • What you want from your post-50 life and how to get there
  • The seven pillars of your post-50 life
  • Coaching tools for self-awareness
  • Goal setting and positive change
  • Individual and group work
  • Creating a clear plan of action

Details are here.

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As you'll see, we're offering individual one-to-one coaching; OR a breakfast with us in a small group at our house to discuss Act3; OR we can speak at your group; OR we can work with you to design a corporate event to tackle the issues that Act3 presents for staff or clients.

You can pre-order the book

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The book is designed as a manual for you to be able to work through all the areas of your life, such as home, work, money, the world, relationships, health and soul - and get a much more rewarding outcome in each and every area.

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We call them our 7 Pillars of Act3 - you'll need them to get the positive change you are looking for.

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