A Fuller Life After 50

What if act3 could be your best yet?

Our third act

Life used to be in three acts, but now its a four act play.  If Act4 is now Decline and Fall.  Act3 is a bonus adult life. 

Our third act, the years 50-80, is what we used to call retirement.  It's time to retire retirement.

So with 20 extra years to live - in better health, with higher expectations - how do we prepare?  

It’s impossible to pursue a goal we cannot see.  Most of us are ‘walking backwards into the future.'

ACT3 will help you visualise your ambitions for: Health • Relationships • Work • Money • World • Me • Home • Purpose

Our goal is to give you tools to create your own positive plan for Act3 and to share stories of those living their third act in a satisfying and inspiring way.


• 50% of children born in the UK today will live to 100.  

• Life expectancy is growing by 5 hours a day.

If young people realize they might live past 100 and be in good shape to 90 or 95, it might make more sense to mix education, work and child-rearing across more years of life instead of devoting the first two decades exclusively to education, the next three or four decades to career and parenting, and the last four solely to leisure
— Demographer James Vaupel

Who’s behind Act3?

Three good friends create ACT3

Judy Reith

Judy is the perfect mum (not). Writer. Coach. Speaker, Gin and Tonic fan.  
Judy genuinely believed she'd be the natural mother ... until she had kids.  Since then she's trained in parenting and has two decades experience in coaching, public speaking, writing and broadcasting on the subject of parenting and self development.

Martin Wroe

Martin is a journalist, poet and broadcaster... Improvising with the living. Burying the dead. His poems, stories and prayers have been widely published. 'Trying to get to heaven before they close the door...'

Adrian Reith

Adrian is an unblocker of mental pipes - a qualified executive coach. He spent 30 happy years in creative media and business roles, and now works with leaders and teams in businesses and organisations to be their most effective: to achieve work and life nirvana.